KOHLER K-3811-0 Santa Rosa Comfort Height One-Piece Compact Elongated 1.6 gpf Toilet that provides powerful functionality and has a high standard design, so that you can make over even your smallest bathrooms into a modernized design and comfortable space.

Rating Statistics
5 customers rated this toilet for 4.2 out of 5 stars, 3 of them rated for 5 and no customer rated for 1 star.

Kohler K-3811-0 Santa Rosa
With the feature of the Comfort Height Elongated Toilet bowl it allows the users to feel more comfortable every time they use the toilet. The seat height is also the same like a standard chair that helps you to manage sitting up and down conveniently easier especially for older people.
With the Dimension of 27-3/4″, for Length is x 18-3/4″,for Width is x 28-3/16″ and Rough-In of 12″ (30.5 cm).

Main feature of the toilet
Unlike with other toilet brands this toilet has its own two specific features and these are:
The Height Class Five by this feature it will provides a powerful bulk waste flushing ability and maintains cleanliness in the surface of the toilet. Canister Flush Valve this feature will allow a smooth flushing actuation with a minimal water consumption.

Water saver benefit
This toilet has a Water Consumption of 1.6 GPF and the same also with other toilet brands this toilet will help you save a lot of water in your household without eliminating the flushing performance of the toilet.

Manageable Price
Customers said that this toilet has a free soft close seat with a convenient price. You can save a lot of money since you don’t need to buy an extra seat cover.

Shipping Details
This is only available within the U.S. territories and this item must be shipped from the other items that you order in Amazon, by this it will provide you proper handling,fast delivery and no additional shipping fee.

Convenient and easy installation
With the user friendly manual that came with the toilet, you don’t need to call a professional plumber to do this. You can install this toilet by yourself since it has an easy walk through to follow.

Another toilet brand that belongs to one of the leader and trusted toilet Industry is the Kohler. This manufacturing company based in Wisconsin is also famous in plumbing products and they also manufactured other household products but they normally focus in their toilet brands.

Reasons why customers rated this toilet for 4.2

  • Online Shopper says ” Amazon offered me this great toilet and get the refund of my damage product that I bought in build.com. Thank goodness for Amazon”
  • Terry Buck commented that ” I really like the flushing performance of this elongated one piece toilet”
  • Hammurabi appreciated that “The toilet is great and no issues at all plus a quiet flush”

Any fan of ping pong will at some point want to consider buying the best ping pong table that not only looks cool, but also one that helps them improve their game. So as a first timer, what aspects do you need to consider before laying down your money for one?

Well, if you’re just out on the market for a ping pong table for you and your family, then you don’t need to spend a lot of money for one. It’s best that you look into the lower end tables, since they are a good way to start learning more about what makes a good table and then go for the higher end models.

Some people decide to set up the table permanently while others want to always pack it up after they finish using it. Therefore, if you want to pack it up after each game, then you need to look for a model that can be easily mounted and unmounted. Fold up models are a great choice in this regard, since they can be handled by a single person. On the other hand, if the table is going to be set up permanently, be sure your model comes with rollers. This allows you to easily move it from one place to another without needing someone else’s help.

Don’t forget to consider the thickness of the table itself which needs to be at least one inch. They can give you a very nice and even bounce and they’re also more durable. If you cannot afford one such table, then a 19mm thick model is still a good choice. Speaking of thickness, the legs need to be strong enough so they can support the weight of the table and even that of you falling over it. It’s a very important consideration, especially if you have children who may give it a rough treatment.

JOOLA 2000-S Table Tennis Table with WM Net Set

You have maybe reviewed a lot of top Best Ping Pong Table lists by now and I do believe that on the majority if not all of them, you’ve stumbled upon the JOOLA 2000-S model. What you’ll immediately notice about it is its weight and size and weighing 214 pounds, it’s not really the lightest of the bunch. However, what is impressive about it lies its ITTF approval, so this means that you can easily use it for tournament competitions.

Construction wise, it features a twenty two millimeters thick playing surface that is covered in processed polyester. This allows for a fast, accurate and enjoyable game and also excellent ball response. The steel frame measures fifty millimeters while the powder coated steel folding undercarriage is also very well built.

Due to its design and the materials used for it, the JOOLA 2000-S is more of a good fit for aggressive players. When you’ve finished playing on it, you can easily move it from the backyard to your garage for instance by using the wheels which can be used after folding the table.

While this is a great ping pong table, there is one thing that you may not like about it and that has to do with its weight. It’s simply too massive and while this can be a disadvantage to some, it’s also an advantage at the same time.

 It means something that is flawless, does not contain any kind of faults. 

Noun: -impeccablility

Examples: –

  •         The new employee in the office has impeccable skills and wonderful manners that is certainly creating an impact amongst the people in the establishment.
  •         If you have impeccable writing skills, it should not be much of a problem for you to create a wonderful resume for yourself.
  •         When you have impeccable ethics in your life and in your workplace, then you would find a lot of people eager to hire you for any job that you want.
  •         When Jenny played impeccable violin, there was a loud applause from the audience which consisted of the entire school as well as her parents. For more go to sentencehouse
  •         If somebody is fond of music, then he or she should not be subjected to understand musical theory. It is only right that artists should have an impeccable understanding about musical notations.
  •         In the second-hand car shop, I had found a car in an impeccable condition.

Straight hair is always on trend. Seeing a manageable straight and silky hair is pleasing to the eye. If you are born with natural waves or curls, don’t get sad because there are lots of available hair straighteners that you can use to get that super straight hair that you want.

Listed below are the top hair straighteners based on the different reviews we conducted. In order to make sure you are getting the most value for your purchase, you need to choose only the best when it comes to hair styling products.

Here are our rankings for the top best hair straighteners in the market:

# Remington S9951 Shine Therapy Frizz Control

  • Plates are made from ceramic material filled with anti-frizz technology
  • User-friendly; with an LCD indicator display
  • Plates are made to float for higher efficiency
  • Heats up immediately in less than a minute
  • Manufacturer offers a 4-year warranty!

Remington created a breakthrough technology for straightening hair. The S9951 Shine Therapy Hairstyling Iron is a very advanced hair product that offers unique features for achieving the best hair straightening results.


  • Heats up really fast
  • Hair stays straight and frizz-free for a long period of time
  • Glides smoothly onto hair
  • Makes hair soft and shiny


  • Plates are too short
  • There are times when hair gets stuck along the edges of the plate
  • Hair may become greasy when using other hair styling products

For $47.44, Remington S9951 Shine Therapy Frizz Control hair straightening is a very considerable product to use if you want to have a vibrant, straight hair that you can enjoy until the end of the day.

Many of us have been there before, some of us will soon be there, and I pray that those who haven’t will get the opportunity. Getting that chance of bringing a brand new, sweet smelling little baby home.  The smell of fresh smelling baby only lasts after the first couple of diaper changes, after that a bath is necessary, not to just get the baby clean, but to relax and soothe your newborn.

Nearly two weeks after Dillon was to be discharged from the NICU Weston and I had to take a class on how to care for Dillon once we got home. We were given an overview on how to wash, feed, and bathe, even a short course in infant CPR for an emergency. Every baby is different, but many infants which come out of the NICU are premie, and cannot regulate their body temperature well. Dillon was full term baby, but we still practiced how to bathe him from what we learned in the going home class.

When Rebecca was a baby, she hated her bath to the point she would cry most of the time. The opposite for Dillon, he loves his bath, and Weston and I think that if had known the steps with her like we did with Dillon the bath experience would have been more enjoyable.

I wanted to share, the tips for bathing a newborn baby, that we were taught. In the hope of it being a helpful way to give you and baby a fun and enjoyable, first or any,  bath time.




  1. You will need two receiving blankets(the kind you swaddle baby with), washcloth, towel, and baby soap/lotion if you’d like.
  2. Prepare the baby’s bath, by getting the water at the right temperature, have your towels, washcloths, soap etc. at a close distance so you don’t have to leave.
  3. Undress your infant, and loosely swaddle him in one of the receiving blankets, then carry him to the tub, putting him in the water wrapped in the loosely folded blanket.
  4. Wrapping baby in the receiving blanket will keep them warm, you can use your washcloth or the blanket to wash baby with a little soap.
  5.  First you’ll want to wash his hair and face, starting with the eyes and working out. Move onto the nose, mouth, and the ears. Rinse his hair, and wipe off any excess soap.
  6. Fold back one section of the blanket either the right or left side of your baby, wash his belly and under his arms, rinse, and put the blanket back over him.
  7. Repeat, step six for the rest of baby’s body, just leave washing his tushy till last.
  8. Match up the second receiving blanket(you were wondering when you’d use that) with the towel, and wrap baby in both keeping him good and warm until you dress him.



You know the start of each year, you send the kids off to school with new backpacks, clothes, and sneakers. As you watch them take those steps inside, you keep fingers crossed in hopes that all that is sent with your kid comes home with them.  If your kids are anything like my kids then you are left rummaging through lost and found at the end of the school year.

Just recently we bought our son some sparring gear for karate. In an attempt for him to keep up with his things I got these Ninja themed labels from Kidecals.

Kidecals offered a voucher code for these awesome labels, all views and opinions are my own.


kid proof labels


After all of his karate gear had been labeled, I ran his uniform through a delicate wash and dry cycle to see if they could withstand like the company claims. His uniform was not damaged by the labels, and the labels stayed stuck to the cloth. Amazing! See have a look for yourself, this only gives thought to, “How’d they do that?”


kid proof labels


So, with what Kidecals considers “crazy durable,” I am calling kid proof labels, because these things help bring your kids’ stuff home.

As we step out of summer and into the fall season, I want to share one last summer inspired recipe, maybe with a slightly irrational hope of hanging onto summer just a tiny bit longer.  Nope, I already smell the pumpkin.

This Tomato, Avocado, and Turkey sandwich is the perfect accompany to lunch during the summer months, but this one last summer inspired recipe can easily be carried into the fall season, with a few simple changes, and/or an additional pairing.

The simple variations of this sandwich from summer to fall are:


  • Rather than a cool chilled tomato, roast it. Get a small skillet, turn up the heat sprinkle with some spike seasoning, and brown that baby…I mean tomato. Top with a slice of swiss cheese, remove the tomato(es) from heat once your cheese has melted, and place on your sandwich.
  • if you are feeling brave, panini the sandwich with an electric grill press, if you have one.
  • Pair with soup, such as fall favorite soups like, Tomato Soup or if that with the sandwich is too much of a tomato overload, Butternut Squash soup recipe from Emily Bites is a good companion too.

With the fall fixes mentioned, the Original recipe is below. Hope y’all enjoy.

Tomato, Avocado, & Turkey Sandwich
This Tomato, Avocado, and Turkey sandwich is the perfect accompany to lunch during the summer months, but this one last summer inspired recipe can easily be carried into the fall season, with a few simple changes, and/or an additional pairing.
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Cook Time
15 min
Total Time
20 min
  1. 2 slices of Sourdough bread
  2. Deli Turkey Breast, sliced to desired thickness
  3. 1 vine ripe tomato, sliced
  4. 1 large Avocado, sliced
  5. Swiss Cheese, sliced
  6. condiments, Mayonnaise and Dijon Mustard
  7. seasonings, salt, pepper, and spike
  1. First, spread desired amount of mayonnaise and mustard, on one side of each slice of sourdough.
  2. Begin stacking other ingredients atop one slice of bread, beginning with sliced turkey breast sprinkled with salt and pepper.
  3. Then, top your turkey breast with sliced avocado, sliced swiss cheese, sliced tomato(es) sprinkled with spike, and the remaining slice of sourdough.
  4. Sink your teeth into this cool summer sandwich.
  1. ***Warm it up a bit***
  2. – pan sear your tomato(es) until slightly brown, sprinkle with spike, then top with sliced swiss. Once cheese is melted, remove tomato(es) placing cheese side down on top of avocado.
  3. – if you are feeling brave, panini the sandwich with an electric grill press, if you have one.
  4. – pair this sandwich with few seasonal soups, such as, Tomato soup, or Butternut Squash soup.