About Me

The 3 is simple, it is my silly attraction to odd numbers, and at the time I changed the name of  ‘All Tracks Lead to Somewhere’ I had three children. I have four now, but I do not intend to change it.

What is with the apples? They are vibrant, sweet, and healthy for you. I want an energetic family, I would like us to live to our fullest potential. To be sweet and pleasant to others along our journey, and stay healthy doing it. Whatever it is we are doing, whether it be traveling, going on a hike, playing a board game, or watching movies. That is my prayer.

Love first off is the foundation of any family, or at least should be. I know that each member of my family loves the other, would do anything they could to make the other happy. So, to me, love makes a family. When I say beauty, I do not necessarily mean physical that would be biased, because every wife/mom thinks her husband and children are gorgeous. I do, I do! So, beauty is a prayer in the sense that I want my husband and children to be comfortable in their own skin, to view themselves as I view them, beautiful, but also that they behave attractively toward others. Each day we grow together, learn to love more, and blossom into who God intends us to be.

Now that you know the reasoning behind the blog, I will give a little back story as to who writes it. I am Amanda thirty-one years young, wife to Wes, mother to 3 Simon, Rebecca, Dillon, then step-friend to Scott, and you can read more about them here.

About Me

Hi, I’m Amanda

Jesus is my Lord and Savior; every day is a step closer to pleasing Him. I am a stay at home wife and mom. I am passionate about most everything except house chores, I love an adventure and long car rides to nowhere. I tend to be arrogant more than I want to be(I am working on my humility), but also show concern and a helpful attitude.  When I have a moment of time for myself I will often study my bible, color, draw, or glue things. When I write a post on 3 lil’ apples it will often be about something I am troubled with, a recipe or tip to share, a family adventure, or product I have reviewed.