Tips for Bathing a Newborn Baby

Many of us have been there before, some of us will soon be there, and I pray that those who haven’t will get the opportunity. Getting that chance of bringing a brand new, sweet smelling little baby home.  The smell of fresh smelling baby only lasts after the first couple of diaper changes, after that a bath is necessary, not to just get the baby clean, but to relax and soothe your newborn.

Nearly two weeks after Dillon was to be discharged from the NICU Weston and I had to take a class on how to care for Dillon once we got home. We were given an overview on how to wash, feed, and bathe, even a short course in infant CPR for an emergency. Every baby is different, but many infants which come out of the NICU are premie, and cannot regulate their body temperature well. Dillon was full term baby, but we still practiced how to bathe him from what we learned in the going home class.

When Rebecca was a baby, she hated her bath to the point she would cry most of the time. The opposite for Dillon, he loves his bath, and Weston and I think that if had known the steps with her like we did with Dillon the bath experience would have been more enjoyable.

I wanted to share, the tips for bathing a newborn baby, that we were taught. In the hope of it being a helpful way to give you and baby a fun and enjoyable, first or any,  bath time.




  1. You will need two receiving blankets(the kind you swaddle baby with), washcloth, towel, and baby soap/lotion if you’d like.
  2. Prepare the baby’s bath, by getting the water at the right temperature, have your towels, washcloths, soap etc. at a close distance so you don’t have to leave.
  3. Undress your infant, and loosely swaddle him in one of the receiving blankets, then carry him to the tub, putting him in the water wrapped in the loosely folded blanket.
  4. Wrapping baby in the receiving blanket will keep them warm, you can use your washcloth or the blanket to wash baby with a little soap.
  5.  First you’ll want to wash his hair and face, starting with the eyes and working out. Move onto the nose, mouth, and the ears. Rinse his hair, and wipe off any excess soap.
  6. Fold back one section of the blanket either the right or left side of your baby, wash his belly and under his arms, rinse, and put the blanket back over him.
  7. Repeat, step six for the rest of baby’s body, just leave washing his tushy till last.
  8. Match up the second receiving blanket(you were wondering when you’d use that) with the towel, and wrap baby in both keeping him good and warm until you dress him.



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