What does impeccable mean?

 It means something that is flawless, does not contain any kind of faults. 

Noun: -impeccablility

Examples: –

  •         The new employee in the office has impeccable skills and wonderful manners that is certainly creating an impact amongst the people in the establishment.
  •         If you have impeccable writing skills, it should not be much of a problem for you to create a wonderful resume for yourself.
  •         When you have impeccable ethics in your life and in your workplace, then you would find a lot of people eager to hire you for any job that you want.
  •         When Jenny played impeccable violin, there was a loud applause from the audience which consisted of the entire school as well as her parents. For more go to sentencehouse
  •         If somebody is fond of music, then he or she should not be subjected to understand musical theory. It is only right that artists should have an impeccable understanding about musical notations.
  •         In the second-hand car shop, I had found a car in an impeccable condition.

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